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Bitcoin 824% since 2020/01/02

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Get real time signals for all the markets you're interested in. Save time and money by not having to constantly monitor the markets yourself. Remove stress from your life by knowing that you have a reliable tool to help make informed trading decisions. Receive buy and sell signals for crypto and stocks so you can make more confident decisions. Sign up for instant access to 1000's MORE markets and enjoy UNLIMTED signals.


823.52% Gain

Last signal was a long with a 43.93% return since alert was sent 30 days ago


1,089.68% Gain

Last signal was a short with a -6.72% return since alert was sent 4 days ago


1,088.23% Gain

Last signal was a long with a 13.55% return since alert was sent 36 days ago

Gold Spot

80.40% Gain

Last signal was a short with a -0.83% return since alert was sent 2 days ago


225.53% Gain

Last signal was a long with a 24.19% return since alert was sent 22 days ago


Instant access to 1000's MORE markets and enjoy UNLIMTED signals. If you dont see a market listed just contact us and we will sick the hound!

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Most asked questions.

Some common questions are answered for you below.

Please contact us here and we can add the market. Our back-testing can take a few hours to complete.

Simply select your market(s) you wish to be alerted on. An email and or text message is then sent when our fox hound engine detects a signal. The signal is either Long(Buy) or Short(Sell). This is a great tool when looking to Dollar Cost Average and buy the dips!

Custom mix of moving averages, dash of RSI, side volatility, and custom AI learning that looks at the micro view out to the macro. Our trade engine trades slower on bigger moves. Average frequency of trades for the stock markets in one year is around 15 trades. This means bigger moves and bigger gains.

Please contact us here

You can cancel anytime or add new markets by simply logging into your account and checking off the markets you wish to follow. Please request any new markets you wish to add by contacting us

Fox Hound is a data engine for reading market data that is AI driven. Using the latest market trends and sentiments analysis Fox Hound sends buy and sell signals for almost any market. This helps traders decide to place their long or short orders. Or to simply buy or sell. We are adding more markets per request.

In the hollow of the Fox Hound Account you can view markets back testing data (previous trades) in table format for trade entry date, exit date, percentage change, short/long, and gain. Based of the Fox Hound trading strategy. You can also add/remove markets and change your text and email settings or cancel.

There are many exchanges you can use please read out insight here

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